Friday, April 10, 2009

Why "Good Friday" is Good

With Easter nearly upon us, it's easy to get focused on the resurrection of Christ (okay, maybe not easy if you're not a Christian or even if you are and your life is too chaotic. But when we do think about it, this seems to be where we start). 

I'm learning in my walk that my appreciation for that all-important event, the resurrection (our Christian faith is bunk without it being literally true), increases with my attention to "Good Friday."

Now Good Friday isn't good because you get it off from work. (although, that is good) It's not good because Jesus was cruelly tortured and crucified an innocent man. (The God-man to be more precise) It's good because of the resurrection. No cross, no resurrection. No resurrection, no Savior. No Savior, no forgiveness of sins; no redemption. No eternal and abundant life. 

It's "Bad Friday" if it isn't followed by the resurrection.

So that's why it's good. If you want to experience the good and the bad, go to a local church that is putting on a passion play/Easter pageant/Easter drama. Or, if you can't find one, rent the Passion of the Christ movie. Mel Gibson's blockbuster does a tremendous job of showing us some of what Jesus actually went through that Friday. It's not perfectly accurate (no movie will ever be) but it is well-done. Keep your Kleenex close by and forget the popcorn. It's a sobering movie. But then on Good Friday, that's a "good" thing.

For those in the SC Low Country:

 In preparation for Easter, we're (Grace Christian Fellowship family and friends) going to watch The Passion of the Christ 6:30-8:30 PM on Good Friday, April 10th at the Dorchester County Sr. Center in Summerville. There will be age-appropriate movies for the younger children to watch as well.