Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dinner w/ A Perfect Stranger

Dinner with Jesus. How cool would that be?

Your questions might include:

* So when did the dinosaurs live?
* Why is there pain and suffering in the world you created?
* How loud was the "Big Bang" anyway?
* So, did Adam and Even have belly buttons or not?
* How can I find true satisfaction in life?

You could ask him anything! And Nick does in this fast-moving encounter with Jesus at an Italian restaurant.

In the meantime, they cover theology, world religions, eternity, marriage, work and, well, life. Questions that we've all asked at one time or another are wrestled with openly and honestly. 

The author does a good job of making Nick a believable cynic too. He responds much like you'd expect a cynic to respond to some of "Jesus'" more predictable answers. But the way "Jesus" answers his questions had me at times laughing at loud or going "ooh, that was good" teaching me things I hadn't learned in seminary or since.

It's a little too nice and neat at times in that they get through this whole unlikely conversation in spite of the fact that many would not have lasted through the whole meal. But the author creates a plausible scenario that held my attention through the less than 2-hour read.

Honest skeptics will learn some things here. Don't let the easy reading style cause you to think it's simplistic. The answers that come out are deceptively simple being profound but easy to pass over. Give yourself time to reflect as you read this book.

If you're looking to strengthen your faith, help out a friend asking questions or just want to see what Jesus might order at a restaurant, give this book a try. 

Watch for my next post on the sequel: A Day with a Perfect Stranger