Friday, March 27, 2009

Conversions or Conversations?

I love this time of year as we see nature wake-up from her wintry sleep and yield new life through blooms, blossoms and leaves. What a great visual of the new birth. (John 3:16)

This Easter season I hope you'll be praying about how you can help bring new life to someone in your home town. I hope you'll be about "conversations" that point to Christ. 

In church we tend to talk more about conversion than conversation. After all, we want people to be converted from death to life; from the old to the new; from slavery to freedom. 

If we focus more on listening to people instead of trying to change them we're likely to see more opportunities to talk about God's love to us and them. Listening communicates love because you're taking the time to hear what they think and feel about life. What a gift!

So instead of counting conversions let's count conversations. Just talk and listen to people. Don't feel like you have to direct the conversation. Just let God's Spirit do that. Just enjoy the ride! 

Who will you talk to this week? Start praying and you'll find out soon!

Because He lives!