Thursday, March 05, 2009

The conversation continues...

The conversation continues. . .

New from the author of the breakout bestseller
Dinner with a Perfect Stranger

A devoted mother who feels abandoned by her workaholic husband, Mattie Cominsky gives her life meaning by investing herself in her two-year-old daughter and her graphic-arts business. Exasperated by her husband’s sudden new obsession with Jesus, she views an out-of-town business trip as a welcome opportunity to reflect on her marriage—and to decide if it’s time to put an end to this painfully unrewarding relationship.

Aboard the plane, Mattie is relieved to find herself seated next to a passenger who shares her scorn for religion. After she confides her husband’s unexpected turn, their conversation soon leads to a fascinating exploration of spirituality, God, and the quest for meaningful connection.

As Mattie’s skepticism warms to the perceptive insights of this stranger she finds herself confronting the unspoken longings of her soul for true intimacy and lasting fulfillment. And when his comments touch on personal issues he couldn’t possibly know about, she begins to wonder if she’s misjudged not only Nick but also the God he now claims to believe in.

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