Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One way to follow Jesus

You can follow Jesus many ways. One is illustrated by Levi in Luke 5. (not Strauss but the tax collector dude aka. Matthew)

Jesus calls this most unlikely character to follow him in spite of the social stigma attached to tax collectors. Levi responds enthusiastically by throwing a party. And he doesn't just invite his new Christian buddies, although he does make Jesus the guest of honor. He also invites his tax collector peers. Why? He wants them to meet the same Jesus that changed his life. 

How was Levi's life changed? Well for one thing, he saw all that he owned in a different light now. It was no longer his but God's to be used to get people to Jesus. So he throws a party at his expense, hosts all these people at his house and then watches God work. Pretty simple if you think about it. 

So why don't we do this?

It's not like we can't afford to throw a great party. And it's not like we don't have great homes. But we have our excuses. Too much work. They won't come. They'll trash the house. I'm not a good host. I don't have my act together. I'm embarrassed to let people see my house. 

Not Levi. He invites them. He follows Jesus. 

So, if Jesus asks you to follow Him, are you in? It says that Levi "left everything and followed him."

So I'll ask again: Are you in? Are you following Jesus?