Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crazy Love, Crazy Ride

Crazy Love is the best book I've read in a long time. It challenged me because it's loaded with Scripture that challenges me. And Francis Chan writes as he preaches--sort of in your face (but he's smiling and so you're smiling), directly challenging your casual faith in Christ.

He talks a lot about being obsessed with Jesus and what that looks like in the Bible and today. (lots of examples) He calls lukewarm Christians an oxymoron (they don't exist, he says). He insists that if you are lukewarm you're not a Christ-follower.

There is also a great website with video clips that supplement the book. They include a gospel presentation and intro for each chapter. You really get to know Francis through this book and website. 

There is now a curriculum/DVD series that goes with the book too. I'm looking forward to taking groups through this book. 

Personally, God is challenging me to live more by faith and less by my feelings and circumstances. Less by what people think of me and more of what God thinks of me. God used Francis to shake me up and spur me on in the faith. Thanks Francis and praise God!