Monday, February 23, 2009

ApParent Privilege

Steve Wright, youth pastor of 20 years and father of 3, has made a valuable contribution to my family...and to the church as well.

Bringing parents and church leaders back to our biblical roots of discipleship being driven by both pedals of family and church, Wright calls for balance that is sorely lacking in our families today.

He clarion call, however, is to parents to reclaim the responsibility and privilege we have to discipline our children in the training of the Lord. 

He includes foundational principles, practical ideas and even a short job description for dads. He did a good job of challenging me as a father without pummeling me with a spiritual hammer. I came away with a new resolve to better father my girls and lead my family to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. I also was spurred on to teach this to our parents at our church.

I believe this is a book every parent or parent to be should read and take to heart. It's substantive but not overwhelming. It's intelligent without being overly academic. I love Steve's passion for the family and the local church. A great treasure here.

There is also small group or Sun. school curriculum available. You can get a sample and check it out.

I believe this perspective will shape our preschool, children and youth ministries at our church for years to come. It's that important. I look forward to reading the sequel ReThink.

Sample Curriculum that goes with book