Thursday, January 15, 2009

How often should you read?

I was listening to a great podcast today that's new to me by Sovereign Grace Ministries. They were talking about the pastor and his reading.

I've often felt guilty reading during my work week. I love to read so I've always felt like it's cheating if I don't read on my own time. As a result, since I don't have much free time, I don't read books like I should. (I'm still pretty good at buying them though) 

These guys (Joshua Harris, CJ Mahaney, and Jeff Purswell) did a great job of showing how important it is for a pastor (and his flock, for that matter) to read a steady diet of good books. (good=books that point you to God and His word) So I'm now ready to read a lot more...during my work week. 

So how often? John Stott provides a suggestion many pastors have taken to heart. I appreciate these guys sharing it:

Read 1 hour a day
Read 1 chunk of 3 hours once a week
Read 1 day a month
Read 1 week a year (or 2-3 weekends a year)

Now this is his advice to pastors. Dial it back a bit but all of us as followers of Christ should seriously consider scheduling this into our calendar. (that's the only way it's going to happen, right?)

If you want to check out this podcast, go to the itunes store and search "cj mahaney podcast."

I also stumbled across a great blog post on organizing your personal library.