Saturday, December 20, 2008

Resumes and football

On a lighter note, I got this from Joe Bryant on his "Random Shots" email, his weekly ramblings on the week's NFL trivia...

I love Mike Tomlin. Steelers RB Willie Parker made some comments after the game that the Steelers weren't running the ball enough. Tomlin handled it just right. "Every morning I come to work I walk past five Lombardis, not five rushing titles. The issue is winning." What can you say to that?

Reminded me of the story about Steve Spurrier when Florida was looking to hire a new coach a few years ago. Spurrier inquired about possibly coming back and the athletic director smugly told Spurrier that he'd have to submit a resume. The story goes that Spurrier told him to get up out of his chair, walk down the hall, and take a look at the trophy case. That's pretty good.