Thursday, October 23, 2008

Divine Nobodies

In his book Divine NobodiesJim Palmer writes a refreshing look at how God reveals Himself through ordinary people ("Nobodies") every day if we'll just pay attention. His goal is to "Shed religion to find God" and he does a pretty good job of communicating this to his readers. 

I found myself challenged to think from the other side on several issues.

The page I dog-eared includes the following paragraph:

Sitting in 13D, I uncovered something unsettling about myself. I don't really want a "relationship" with God. Here's what I want. I want to share with God all I feel, all I need, all that grieves me, all that makes me happy, the puzzling things, the fun things, and the hard things, but I would prefer that God keep his stuff to himself. I don't want to hear about his pain and share in his grief. I don't mind listening to God as long as I'm receiving solutions, answers, and advice. Maybe what I really want is a divine vending machine: pop in my prayer, press the button for my need, and I'm good to go. A professional live-in massage therapist and a Starbucks within walking distance would be nice too.

Where this hit me was I would prefer that God keep his stuff to himself. In other words, I don't want to know or hear about Your grief over enslaved child prostitution or orphans in other countries. I don't want to hear God's cry for the lost or that His people would turn back to Him in repentance. I don't want to know about how His heart breaks when His children (the Church) fight with each other instead of "love one another."

No, I just want to hear His solutions, answers, and advice

This was worth the book alone. But read the rest. I imagine you'll find your own paragraph to blog about.