Monday, October 06, 2008

8 in 08 Review

The Advent Conspiracy was just 1 of 8 goals we had at Grace Christian Fellowship for 2008. You'll be hearing more about the Advent Conspiracy in the coming weeks and months as we finish 2008 strong. Let's see how we did with the rest:

1. Invest in Leaders. This past Sunday we voted in our first ever Deacons and their wives. This adds much needed leadership in our ministry to families where there are gaps in the family support system. These couples will bring much needed energy and resources to the fight for those in crisis. Elders will follow once we get some time equipping our new Deacons and their wives.

We also taught our first Discovery your SHAPE class which deals with discovering your gifts and letting that lead to where you are gifted to serve. 

This week 4 of us will go to the Catalyst leadership conference in Atlanta.

2. Easter Outreach. While we had a good turnout for Easter, we did not organize a special outreach for that day.

3. Be a lighthouse. We challenged our people to take on the lighthouse challenge: Prayer-Care-Share strategy. We did not resource our people on this like we needed to.

4. Train to Remain. We trained our entire church family over more than 16 weeks by preaching through the Book of Romans.

5. Master Planning. Any day we expect to get our first draft of our new master plan for the property from our architect. 

6. Mission: Curacao. Not only did we go, we are planning to go back! We took 13 people and have 19 ready to go next summer.

7. 40 Days of Community. We kicked-off 40 Days of Community on Sunday and it begins Oct. 12th.

8. Advent Conspiracy. We will hear from Gene & Doris Hundley as we learn to give Christmas gifts to...well, Jesus, for His birthday. Video explanation