Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2-Way Communication

In the book Follow Me, the author writes about spiritual growth,

It makes sense that increasing the frequency of time and energy spent in communication with God pays off in an increasingly intimate relationship with him. But what is more subtle, and perhaps more significant, is the increasing two-way nature of the relationship. It's not just talking to God that's important; it's also listening to God and receiving answers to prayer that is vital. It's not just reading the Bible that spurs spiritual growth; it is reflecting on the meaning of Scripture in a way that changes how a person thinks and lives that proves most significant.

Their point is that while early in our walk we tend to just talk to God and admire Him from afar, growth in Christ results in and is caused by a growing relational intimacy with God through the spiritual disciplines of prayer & reflection on Scripture. 

So how would you describe your time with God each week? Is it more distant and passive or intimate and active?