Monday, June 09, 2008

Free me from Discouragement!

Sunday we talked about how we can live freed from discouragement. It starts with our perspective: the dash or the line.

That is when we live in light of eternity instead of living as if there were no eternity.

You can live in light of the dash "-" (representing our life here on earth), or

You can live in light of the line"------------------------------->" (representing life with Christ forever)

When we live in light of eternity, our current circumstances, trials, difficulties, suffering and struggles all still remain. But they begin to shrink as our perspective changes.

God is much bigger than we imagine. And so our problems are not near as large as they appear. Live in light of the line and not the dash today. Let your hope for eternity carry you through your difficulties and free you from discouragement. (Romans 8:19-29)

But how do we actually do it? Here are 3 priorities I believe make all the difference:

To live above our circumstances and free from discouragement, we must live in light of eternity. We do this by...

1. Trusting God so fully that we immerse ourselves in God's word and obey it swiftly and completely.

2. Trusting God so fully that we fully yield to His Holy Spirit. To yield is to a) refuse to sin, and b) offer our bodies fully and faithfully to God.

3. Trusting God so fully that we engage in the risky business of biblical community. That is doing life together with other believers.

Said another way, we trust and obey the word of God, yield to the Spirit of God while doing life with the people of God so that we'll become more and more like the Son of God. When we do that, we'll live above our circumstances and be freed from discouragement.

What step will you take to move towards freedom today?