Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Matt & his tumor

Grace family,

The word is still getting out about Rob and Kady Payne's son Matthew and his brain tumor. Many have asked for more information and I'm going to facilitate that by pointing you to a very helpful resource that will keep you up to date. Below is a link that will take you there.

Please continue to pray for Rob, Kady, Abby and Matt as they walk this difficult journey. But they won't walk it alone! Between our presence and our prayers my hope is that we'll manifest the love of God continually for this beloved family of ours. When one part hurts--we all hurt. So join me in praying and encouraging them.

We're better together,

Dear Friends and Family,
I made a CaringBridge site to keep you up to date on Matthew:
CaringBridge is a nonprofit organization that helps friends and families stay connected to share information, love and support during a health care crisis, treatment and recovery.
Please visit our CaringBridge site anytime. You can use the site to check in on Matthew, read the journal entries and send us encouraging messages/write prayers to God for Matthew & our family by signing our guestbook.
When you register with CaringBridge and sign our guestbook, you will automatically receive e-mail notifications each time our journal is updated. Or, you can subscribe to receive these notifications even before you sign the guestbook. (Of course, you can unsubscribe from these e-mail updates at any time.) Please print and save this e-mail for future reference.
Thank you for the many many prayers, support, & encouragement!
Trusting Him, kady