Friday, May 30, 2008

Do you know THIS peace?

Author Jim Palmer wrote a compelling article I'm going to quote from,

Can you be at peace in a room where nobody gives you the time of day? Yes, because the source of peace is not whether people notice and accept you or ignore and dismiss you. The source of peace is God within you. That peace is never threatened and is not contingent upon any particular set of circumstances. The life of Jesus is the most compelling example. Few people will ever endure the extent of physical pain inflected upon Jesus. Few people will ever be so utterly rejected and despised as Jesus. He endured the full force of these realities, and yet Jesus was always at peace. Why? Because the source of Jesus' peace was not His human circumstances but his eternal reality. Jesus' peace could not be threatened, because the source could not be threatened.

Do you realize this peace? When Jesus said the peace He gives "is not as the world gives," He was seeking to awaken people to a whole other dimension of life. -Jim Palmer, Leader 22, p. 50 (emphasis mine)