Wednesday, April 23, 2008


"'Team' is just today's term for what the Bible describes as giftedness exercised in community." --Nancy Ortberg

You've heard it said there is no "I" in team. But "I" have to get on board if I want to be a part of what God is doing through His teams within the Body of Christ.

Our Servant Groups are teams of gifted people coming together in Christ to accomplish part of the mission. (Love God. Love People)

Are you on a team or are you still in the stands? It's fun to watch your team win. But the victory is truly yours when you were directly contributing to the team's effort that led to that victory.


* Fill out & turn in your SHAPE profile.
* Check out the ministry survey mark the areas you'd like to serve in or learn more about.
* Eliminate time-wasters in your current schedule to free up time to serve. It's not wise to just add things. Ask yourself, "What will I stop doing?"
* Find a way to serve in or through your Home Group.