Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Super-sized Vision

In light of yesterday's post, I started brainstorming what a God-sized, super-sized vision might look like at our humble church. We have about 90 members and run about 80 on Sundays. Here are some of the thoughts that came to me in my time alone with God yesterday...

* Start a free medical clinic
* Translate (pay linguistic experts to) NT into a language it hasn't been translated into yet (www.oneverse.org)
* Build some clean drinking water wells in a third world country (or as some call them, "Two thirds" world country)
* Buy Cesar and Emma, locals in Curacao, a new van to help them in their ministry to children in their neighborhood
* Substantially support our 3 missionary families (East Asia, Central Asia, Thailand)
* Support one Gospel for Asia missionary family for every 10 of ours
* Support 1 Compassion International child for every child in our church
* Create a free tutoring center & computer lab for Summerville children
* Start an Upward-type soccer or football league in Summerville
* Buy & renovate or build a house to house for free single mom's keeping their child and needing 6 months to get back on their feet
* Tithe to a church plant until we start one ourselves
* Rescue 1 slave prostitute for every teenage or grade school girl in our church
* Send 2 medical people to Jamaica on a medical missions trip
* Scholarship 2 of our college students
* Send to of our people to Catalyst Conference., 2 to Wired Conf. & 2 to The Summit Conf.
* Bring in small group leadership expert for training
* Setup an office/HQ in town
* Scholarship 2 to go to Curacao

This is a start but I'm not sure how to proceed--so I continue to pray. Please feel free to share ideas that God puts on your heart for us to consider.