Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stop the Traffik

sobering pic

Vienna was the delivery of our declaration but it was also a new beginning – Money/Sex/Chocolate.

MONEY Money matters. It takes money to fund projects to prevent trafficking, protect the vulnerable and prosecute the traffickers. The STOP THE TRAFFIK Global Fund will be a worldwide war chest to fund the fight against trafficking.

Read the rescue story of Puja & Accamma.

SEX: Safety, hope & choice80% of the millions of people who are trafficked around the world are being used in the sex industry. Their freedom ripped from them, they are commodities, human cargo herded because of the greed & depravity of others. We must not turn away & ignore their plight. Find out more

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CHOCOLATEThe chocolate industry is starting to realise that we are not going to stop until they STOP THE TRAFFIK of young children who work as slaves to produce our chocolate.