Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pre-trip: Day 2

Monday we spent in the Savannah and Miami airports (mostly waiting). We left Savannah at 8 AM and arrived in Curacao at 8 PM local time (7 PM EST).

Our first flight was delayed 2 hours due to fog. But our connection was unaffected.

Flights were fine and uneventful.

We ended up paying a little tax on the pots and pans we brought. But it was worth seeing the look on Emma's face when she opened up the two suitcases of linens, school supplies, brand new underclothes and socks, and kitchen supplies. Thanks to all at Grace who helped with such a generous offering.

We made it with few problems arriving about 8 PM (7 PM your time). We had to pay extra tax for the pots and pans ($36) but that was okay. We were delayed in Savannah 2 hours because of fog too. But that just meant we didn't have to spend as much time waiting in Miami. Savannah is a much nicer airport.

The neighborhood they live in is called Fuik (pronounced Fike). We got a tour today (Tue) even seeing the land they are praying to buy to build a community center for this neighborhood they are reaching out to.

Today we are trying to make sure we have a place to stay when we come this summer. We'll be going to Camp Braakeput soon. We found some alternate lodging options which are nice but pricey. I'm praying for Braakeput to work out.

We've met a few people here from the church in Alabama. They are building concrete a patio and wall.

To follow the rest of our week in Curacao, go to our blog at www.mission-curacao.blogspot.com.