Thursday, February 21, 2008

Church: What really matters?

I thought Alan Hirsch's response to this question was profound.

I'd like to look specifically at the disciple-making element for a moment. You mentioned in the book that disciple making is a crucial, pivotal element in the process. What makes it so important?

It seems to me that if we fail to make disciples—that is, people who can become like Jesus Christ, which is a very simple definition of discipleship—if we can't get that right, then in doesn't matter what else we do because there will be a fundamental weakness in our ministry.
And if a disciple is someone, "Who can become like Jesus Christ," are we doing that in our churches? Is that the priority in the church you go to? Is it talked about? Is time and energy and money put towards that end?

How to you measure how effective you are? Is it by attendance? Some other criteria? (See previous post)