Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Leaning Forward '08: Intro

Skiing in WV this Christmas was a blast! I like to ski one way: fast! I learned on this trip that by leaning forward more than I had been I could get better speed without sacrificing control. It also makes a pretty cool analogy for me here. (no pun intended)

I get 'leaning forward' from Phil 3:13-14 where Paul actually wants us to "Press on...straining towards the goal to win the prize." I'm equating 'straining towards' with 'leaning forward'. I want to move forward like Paul did.

I've been thinking a lot about the future at Grace. What kind of church are we? What kind of church will we be in a year? Will we move from going to church to being the church? Will we truly engage our community and serve and love our neighbors or will we just go to church stuff.

The real question that haunts me is, "If we moved, would anybody in my neighborhood care or miss us?" In other words, has my family impacted our neighborhood to such a degree that our neighbors don't want us to go?

People didn't want Jesus to go.

So here is the first of an 8-part series on what I think God wants us to do in 2008. Some things are for individuals, some for families, some for our church and some for The Church. They go roughly as I think they need to calendar-wise or in order of how we'd do them. Of course, our elders and I will prayerfully consider which of these we'll actually do. Some may have to wait. Others may not even be on the list yet. Join me in praying about this process.