Monday, December 17, 2007

Joy is being secure

I shared Sunday 3 things joy is in Christ. The first is...

Joy is being secure.

Tsunamis, Corporate scandal, terrorism, war...secure in what? Secure in the sovereignty of God. In the Christmas story found in Matthew 1:18-2 we see God is sovereign over creation and the nations.

He's sovereign over creation as seen in his manipulation of the stars drawing the Magi to Jesus. Only God could do that. It doesn't matter whether he used 3 planets or just put his own supernatural maglite in the sky--he did it. He's sovereign over creation.

He's sovereign over the nations too. He used the wicked king Herod to help the Magi along. He wasn't limited to a good king being in power.

God's not limited today either. I don't have to be afraid of typhoons or terrorists. Even the angels remind us over and over, "Do not be afraid."

Joy is being secure. Rest in that today.