Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Congress gets it right!

"Congress Says “Merry Christmas”

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted 372-to-9 in support of a resolution recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith in the founding of the United States and formation of Western Civilization. The resolution was sponsored by Rep. Steve King of Iowa, a great conservative champion. (This political action committee played a key role in helping Steve King win his primary election in 2002. Just one more way we are helping to defend your values!)

Earlier this year, the House passed measures honoring Ramadan and Diwali, a Hindu holiday. But Rep. King noted, “Watching Congress honor Islam during Ramadan, and also Diwali … brought it home to me that we were doing that and not honoring Christianity. …This nation has about 225 million Christians out of 300 million… And the foundations of this nation are a
Christian foundation [and] our founders were Christian. So for us to move forward towards Christmas without honoring Christ is, I think a great omission, especially if we’re going to honor other religions."

Thanks to Gary Bauer for sharing this. See his site at www.cwfpac.com