Thursday, November 08, 2007

Creators or Consumers?

I heard an interesting comment from Pastor Chris Seay at Ecclesia (church) in Houston today on the Fermi Podcast.

The context is that he's serving in a church that is reaching out to those in the gay and arts district in downtown Houston. So when he talks about creating, he's talking about creating culture and things that bless culture and people in that culture.

He says basically that Christians tend to be consumers instead of creators. He believes that we were created to, well, create (cooperatively with God) using our gifts and talents to create culture rather than to be consumers of it.

I can see this in the church today. It's all about what programs and facilities we can add that will bless our family or make our life easier. That seems to be my default, anyway.

This is a thought worth pondering. What do you think? Do you think we Christians are consumers or creators? Should we be either? Both? I'm curious to your reaction on this.