Wednesday, October 03, 2007

One Verse

This is one of the coolest mission ideas I've ever come across. I would love to see our church adopt a people group and start paying for that translation. Below is an excerpt from OneVerse.org about how college students helped translate scripture for 3 people groups-in 3 days.

"Praise God for his work through the Passion 07 participants. The Dela, Rikou, and Lole people groups now have the financial support needed to complete their New Testament.

Over 2,000 individuals gave sacrificially to help the Dela and Rikou, and Lole understand God's word. Additionally, over 170 groups have pledged to become part of the story.

So many have become involved we have started on new people groups for Passion participants in Timor. Verses will be available for sponsorship with that people group later this week.


“I think OneVerse is an awesome way to participate in bringing the Word to the world. Plus it’s my new favorite gift. For our son's baptism we gave him Mark 12:30 'Love God with all you heart, soul, mind, strength.' I love this OneVerse thing!”

Angel R. Atlanta, GA