Monday, October 15, 2007

Like my bike?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Catalyst a couple of weeks ago. This is one amazing leadership conference for young leaders. (Okay, so I sneaked in)

God really worked me over at this conference--and in ways I never saw coming.

The most challenging was from Francis Chan. He talked about how he got so successful as a pastor in California that he found that he didn't love his people anymore. Not only did I get that gut-check but I was also challenged by how they looked at their $60-million building project.

The short version is that after 2 years of work when the architect and building committee unveiled their rendering of what they felt God wanted them to build, Francis' words were immediately, "I hate it." And he had been involved from the beginning. Silently watching and taking it all in. Trying not to force his own agenda. Yet at the point of victory his stomach turned so that he had to speak his mind.

Now, months later, they have a different concept that is much more like what Francis envisioning Jesus would do. They aren't building a mega-sanctuary. Francis said he thought that in their city Jesus would be preaching in the park. So they are building an outdoor amphitheater instead of a sanctuary. No roof. Just a giant park. If it rains, they worship in the rain. They're okay that it costs the worshiper something to worship God corporately. That's cool. That's challenging. That's outside of the book. I want to live that way!

The pic above was taken at a vendor booth. I guess I'm living a fantasy as I've always thought it would be great to have a motorcycle but have never had the guts to get one.