Monday, September 10, 2007

Love God. Love People.

Love God. Love People. Our new mission statement at Grace Fellowship.

I first heard this phrase as a youth pastor. The awesome youth ministry called Student Life used this as their theme for their Student Life Tour several years back. They did a terrific job showing us that loving God leads to loving people beyond where we could love them apart from God.

Then I read it in Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life. I don't imagine either of these originated it but they certainly helped popularize it.

This phrase--Love God. Love People--is so simple and so profound. In the words of Rick Warren, it captures the conviction,

"A great commitment to the great commission and the great commandment will build a great church."

This is because "Love God. Love People." is a great summary of Matthew 22:37-39.

So my aim is to lead Grace Fellowship to glorify God by loving Him and loving other people. By God's grace, we'll make Him smile doing just that.