Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are you giving the full story?

I found this analysis of how we share the gospel today pretty on-mark. It's why I like the Dare2Share's gospel journey. It takes into account the full story of the gospel and not just the bottom line. Dare2Share's outline shows that you can be brief without leaving out the full story.

This table came from an article I recently read by Gabe Lyons on Christians and the Church influencing culture. It's not enough to redeem individuals. We are to redeem creation. But what I'm also learning is that when we do a good job redeeming creation, it helps us redeem individuals. It's not an either-or but a both-and.

Where did I come from? Creation: Made in God's image

What went wrong? Fall: Sin enters the world Born a sinner

How do we fix it? Redemption: Life through Jesus Life through Jesus

What is my purpose? Restoration: Renew all things Convert others, separate from this world, wait for heaven

Gabe Lyons, Influencing Culture article

I got to know about Gabe Lyons (not personally) through his co-hosting the Catalyst Podcast, which is my all-time favorite podcast. Every Christian leader ought be listening to it.