Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stop, Drop & Roll

I can still remember the Dare2Share Blaze Tour. It's a youth conference where we took the youth group from Raleigh Road to share their faith.

The main passage for the weekend was Isaiah 6:1-9. The passage was taught over 3 sessions with the following outline: Stop, Drop and Roll.

Playing off of the basic technique taught to children to do when their clothes catch on fire, Greg Stier used this as a clever way to remember the basic thrust of Isaiah 6.

Stop. Stop and take a good look at God. His glory is blinding like the sun. His holiness convicting. Look at yourself. Painful, isn't it. Let the eye surgery begin!

Drop. The natural reaction of anyone who sees a holy, all-powerful God and then sees their own sin. Drop to your knees in humility, brokenness, and awe. (Now would be a good time to seek mercy)

Roll. Roll up your sleeves and dive in!

Once you believe that God is a good God who only wants to forgive you for everything unholy you've ever done, you receive that cleansing that is only possible because of Jesus' death on the cross (in our place). As I begin to comprehend the grace and mercy shown to me, I become grateful. Quickly my gratitude becomes a willingness to roll up my sleeves and join God in His search and rescue operation.

That's what Isaiah did after he encountered the holy, living God. We need that same encounter today. Have you seen God like Isaiah did? Reread Isaiah 6:1-9 and pray for God to restore your vision.