Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let's Roll!

Coined by Todd Beamer on United Airlines flight 93 in Pennsylvania just before they took their hijackers down, this has become a rallying cry for many. I use it as well with all the inspiration his story brings.

Stop, Drop and Roll are more than a campaign to help kids put their burning clothes out. (as important as that is) It now means much more to me. (see previous entry)

After we encounter a holy, all-powerful God, we drop in fear and trembling, humbled by his majesty and convicted by sin. Once His merciful cleansing picks me up and am left grateful and humbled--I am ready to serve Him. I am ready to roll!

So where do we start? Well, I have a little list that I hope will help us get started. But I need more ideas! Help me see if this comments feature even works by leaving me some more ideas. I'm going to share all of these Sunday morning as part of my message. Hopefully, our people will take the 7-day challenge and begin at least one of these in the next 7 days. Your suggestion could make all the difference for someone next week.

  1. Take somebody’s lunch tray for them.
  2. Serve at the local soup kitchen for lunch.
  3. Take a meal to a neighbor for no reason.
  4. Tutor kids after school, at your house or at a community center, for free.
  5. Baby-sit for a single parent for free.
  6. Volunteer at the local food bank.
  7. Have a neighborhood family over for dinner or a cookout.
  8. Volunteer at your local school.
  9. Offer your professional services for free to a needy client.
  10. Take goodies to a retirement home and sit and chat for a while.
  11. Send a care package to a soldier.
  12. Work on a Habit for Humanity house one day with your kids.
  13. Work on our local ministry blog www.summervols.blogspot.com to get the word out about local ministries.
  14. By groceries for a needy family.
  15. Sit and talk with someone suffering from an illness.
  16. Take a meal and gift bag to someone home-bound.
  17. Meet an inactive member for lunch.
  18. Begin organizing Operation: Christmas Child for your Home Group or family.
  19. Host a neighborhood yard sale to raise money to go (or send someone else) on a mission trip.
  20. Prepare and send a care package or a card of encouragement to Graham & Ashlei W in East Asia, Steve & Marie L in Thailand, or The Palms in Kazakhstan.
  21. Collect costume and craft beads and send to the Awana club in Curacao.
  22. Free slaves internationally through www.stopthetraffik.org or
  23. Support families who are suffering because of religious persecution through www.rememberthose.org. “There have been more Christians killed in the 20th century than in the previous nineteen centuries combined.”
    U.S. House Resolution. Scripps-Howard News Service, September 28, 1996
  24. Lead your Home Group or family to send Bibles from your home to people being persecuted for their faith who want to share more with others in their country. www.biblesunbound.com.
  25. Lead a team to build a HC ramp for someone locally. Contact: Screven Association of local SBC churches. Contact office at 843-871-2410 to get more information or go to www.screvenassoc.org.
  26. Adopt a needy child for about $1 a day through Compassion International or World Vision. Write and receive letters. www.compassion.com
  27. Write a letter to a child you already support.
  28. Get your Home Group to build a school in Haiti. Costs about $3,000.
  29. Write a Christian who is imprisoned for their faith in another country. Do so in their own language through www.prisoneralert.com.
  30. Buy a goat for a family. www.worldvision.org or www.samaritanspurse.org.
  31. Invite your neighbors along with some friends from church to a Labor Day cookout.
  32. Start your own blog and write about your journey with Christ. www.blogger.com, www.myspace.com
  33. Invite a co-worker to meet your family for dinner at Zaxby’s or Moe’s.