Saturday, August 11, 2007

Inspire Me!

Just back from Myrtle Beach, SC, where Anita and a couple from our church attended The Summit Leadership Event led by the Willow Creek Association. It was a simulcast as the event was actually in Chicago. At least 65,000 leaders attended the event either on-site or through one of many simulcast locations around the world. It was extraordinary.

I just finished doing the online evaluation survey so I wanted to share some of my reactions and takeaways.

There were many and that alone was huge for me. For whatever reason, my expectations weren't very high on this event. Some of that was the slate of speakers. Many I just didn't know or didn't think I wanted to hear from. Others I couldn't wait to hear. But I can truly say that I took at least one thing away from every speaker and many things from several of them.

Bill Hybel's talk (Whatever you do, inspire me) was just that--inspiring! He showed me the power of inspiration in the video clip and then live performance of Patrick Hughes, a boy born without eyes and crippled. We watched video of how his father sacrificed whatever it took to give this boy a terrific life. He is now a gifted musician who sings, plays piano and marches with the Louisville Cardinal Marching Band. And he played and sang for us at The Summit.

While Patrick was an inspiration in his overcoming incredible odds to have a life that mattered, this father inspires me more. He sacrificed his desires to make his boys dreams come true. I am humbled and moved to act.

Bill shared that to motivate others you have to motivate yourself. And that comes best if we go to God and allow him to inspire us. David did this in 1 Sam. 30:6 where it says, "He encouraged himself in God."

Bill continued by saying that we inspire others by living an inspired life in front of them. This is what Jesus did. This is what I want to do the rest of my life. To live such an inspiring life that it's contagious and others catch it and inspire others.

Inspiring others to follow Jesus Christ. That would be a great life mission.

Video clip similar to what we saw: