Sunday, April 22, 2007

Virtual Church-can it work?

This is amazing. A virtual church that touched a real life. This is what I call a church being relevant. Check this out...

The ups and downs of Second LifePublished by Bobby Gruenewald April 20th, 2007 in LifeChurch.tv and Second Life. 8 Comments
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As many of you know, we launched a worship experience on Easter weekend in our virtual campus in Second Life. We had a great turnout, but did not have a glitch-free experience. Terry Storch gave a summary of some of the technical challenges that we experienced that weekend on his blog. However, his team worked hard the next week and were successful this last weekend at resolving those issues. The experience ran smooth.
Even with some early technical challenges…God is already using our island in Second Life!
Here is an example:
Just yesterday I had an email forwarded to me that was from a 41 year old guy named Troy who is a Second Life user that found our island while roaming around the virtual world. In the email, he describes the challenges that he has faced in real life and then on to how he began crying when he watched the mysecret.tv videos in Second Life.He went on to say…”After watching and praying with craig i raised my hands confessed my sins and gave myself to jesus for the first time in my life…. what a wonderfull feeling to be free of my sins, to find out how to get rid of my bitterness, most of my fears, to understand how i’ve been holding all these dark crazy things inside me for so long and now learning how to follow the path god has for me, to give myself to jesus..”
There couldn’t be any better answer to the “Why Second Life?” question than this guy’s story. We want to use this tool to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.