Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bridge Run: The Facts

I finished. And in under an hour too! Special thanks to Kent, my brother, who encouraged me to train and run this year. Special thanks also to all those who prayed for me to actually finish. You guys are awesome!

Pics and more to follow. For now, the facts.

Bib # 12323
Darien Gabriel
Summerville SC
Age 41
Sex M
ChipTime 00:58:23 (my official running time)
ClockTime 01:00:55 (Not everyone crosses the starting line at the same time)
Overall 6537 (what place I finished out of over 30,000 people)
SexPl 4645 (what place I finished out of the guys)
DivPl 491 (what place I finished in the 40-49 division)
AgeGrade 49%
pace 9:48.5 (time to run my average mile)