Saturday, December 02, 2006

What kills 8,500 people each day?

Over the last several months I have become much more aware of the AIDS pandemic. Yes, I have heard that AIDS is a problem. I think I just pushed it back in my mind as one of the many overwhelming problems world-wide that we are bombarded with daily.

However, God has been working on me on this problem. So I have taken the first step (or two)--Taking time to listen and learn more about the disease that is killing 8,500 people world-wide every day. This isn't 9/11. This isn't the tsunami. This is those two combined plus but every day. This is sobering.

I hope you will join me in opening our eyes, educating ourselves and praying in an effort to discover what it is that God wants us to do as a result.

From the Google Blog:

You might have noticed from the Google homepage that today (Dec. 1st) is World AIDS Day. We want to remember all those who have suffered from HIV/AIDS in the 25 years since it was first identified, and we want to support everyone working to eradicate this scourge: Today, there are about 40 million people living with HIV worldwide, and it is increasing in every region in the world. In Africa, it is the leading cause of death -- 5,500 Africans die each day from this insidious disease.