Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks for being You

Dear God, thank you for being You! Thank you for being such a stickler for detail as I look at a leaf under a microscope. Thank you for your beauty as I take in a stunning sunset. Thank you that you are so strong and mighty when I see an aerial shot of Niagra Falls or the Rocky Mountains from 40 miles away.

Thank you for your ability to know all--all the time. You can listen to everybody on the planet (over 6 billion) at the same time. Personally. Without missing any details. And remember it. And you can do that for every day throughout all of history and the future--at the same time. Because you are outside of time. Wow God.

Thank you for your creativity when see my 7 & 9 year old girls pictures or talk to them as they stall going to bed. I thank you for your incredible size as I look at the stars at night and realize that there are billions--and you know them by name; that you hold the universe in your hand like a mustard seed.

Thank you for loving me first. When I was so unlovable. Hateful, actually. Rebellious. Self-centered and self-absorbed. Arrogant and ignorant.

Thank you for your mercy as I realize that I don't even deserve to live a difficult life--much less a great, comfortable life like I enjoy. I actually deserve the results of my sin. Guilt. Distress. Death. But because you made a way for me to get back to you through the cross of Jesus Christ, I thank you for being the God who saves his people from their sin. I thank you for your son Jesus.

Thank you so much.

May the rest of my life be a living "Thank you" card from me to You. Thanks for being You.

"But God demonstrates His love in this; that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." ---Apostle Paul, Romans 5:8